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Our discount dental plans offer pre-negotiated savings at participating dentists on a wide range of dental procedures including cleanings, diagnostic exams, x-rays, fillings, crowns and more. Members save an average of 20%-50%1 on most dental services. The dental specialists offer 20% savings for dental services including implants and orthodontics.

Care Choice Dental Plan Savings*

Schedule CI-6 Procedure Categories:

Not sure what a dental term means? See the dental term glossary.

Diagnostic (Exams, X-Rays)
ADA CodeDental ProcedureNormal Full Fee**Plan Discounted FeeSavings
D0120Periodic oral evaluation - established patient$72$2960%
D0140Limited oral evaluation - problem focused$107$4954%
D0150Comprehensive oral evaluation - new or established patient$126$5060%
D0160Detailed and extensive oral evaluation - problem focused, by report$209$13237%
D0170Re-evaluation - limited, problem focused (established patient; not post-operative visit)$99$3664%
D0180Comprehensive periodontal evaluation - new or established patient$135$4070%
D0210Intraoral - complete series of radiographic images$221$8860%
D0220Intraoral - periapical first radiographic image$50$1668%
D0230Intraoral - periapical each additional radiographic image$43$1467%
D0240Intraoral - occlusal radiographic image$77$2568%
D0250Extra-oral - 2D projection radiographic image created using a stationary radiation source, and detector$117$3471%
D0270Bitewing - single radiographic image$40$1758%
D0272Bitewings - two radiographic images$63$2757%
D0273Bitewings - three radiographic images$77$3357%
D0274Bitewings - four radiographic images$89$3956%
D0277Vertical bitewings - 7 to 8 radiographic images$137$4964%
D0330Panoramic radiographic image$152$7253%
D03402D cephalometric radiographic image - acquisition, measurement and analysis$164$8846%
D03502D oral/facial photographic image obtained intra-orally or extra-orally$97$4158%
D0460Pulp vitality tests$79$3556%
D0470Diagnostic casts$169$7556%

*These fees represent the CI-6 fee schedule. Normal cost is based on the 90th percentile of HIAA in your area. Fees not listed will receive a 20% discount.
**Prices subject to change.
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